CISO Minneapolis Summit | Jun 4, 2020 | Digital Event - Real-time Online Conversations,



Enabling and Securing a Global Remote Workforce during COVID19

Keynote Presentation - 9:30 am - 10:00 am

The COVID19 pandemic has radically impacted business operations around the world. For UnitedHealth Group, that meant enabling a global workforce of over 300,000 employees to facilitate remote operations securely. From transitioning employees to work from home, rapidly accelerating telemedicine services for clinics, tackling global supply shortages for vital technology or responding to increasing cyber threats; conducting ?business as usual? profoundly changed the way they work overnight. The session will walk the UnitedHealth Group journey with a focus on sharing actions taken and lessons learned with:

  • With a global workforce, how did we enable remote work quickly and address capacity, remote options, logistics.
  • Supporting our clinics, surgical centers and hospitals globally. Enabling telemedicine and video collaboration services for our global teams and partners. 
  • Managing security with third parties and offshore teams. Addressing vendor security, virtual solutions, 3rd party constraints with respect to ability to remote scale.
  • Responding to the emerging cyber threat landscape during COVID19 and critical business functions.

Presented by:

Allison Miller, CISO, UnitedHealth Group-Optum View details